Anonymous: i came on your blog because someone say you are the cute girl and i agree 

you did what on my blog

Anonymous: you havent started school yet???? 

nope, i start september 3rd. RIP me

i had a dream last night it was the first day of school and i lost my schedule and i had to keep digging to the bottom of my backpack and there was a ton of crap and everytime i thought i found it i would put everything back in and then open it up and it was some random note and i never found it and missed 2 of my classes until i had the bright idea to just have the guidance office print me a new one it was so stressful i seriously woke up and i was like where the f did i put it

i! just! want! my! SCHEDULEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


I need your heart beating next to my heart In Love I am 

Rock On